Motus Laser Hair Removal


If you’re looking to de-fuzz your bikini Line, underarms/arms, legs, eyebrows, or areas of the face, laser hair removal can help. In a matter of a few minutes, hair follicles are destroyed using highly concentrated energy while targeted pulses of light are emitted with minimal discomfort.


Before receiving treatment, a required consultation is needed to assess your overall health as well as determine if laser hair removal is best suited for treatment areas. After a determination is made, your medical provider at Hehr Aesthetics will recommend their professional opinion for optimal results. Everyone’s skin is different, which is why we will customize your treatment package during your consultation to ensure you achieve the desired outcome. Hair removal works best on those with coarse, dark hair, and light complexion.

With that said, people without this combination can still get great results. The patient will have an opportunity to ask questions, receive quote, and determine next steps.


The process requires a series of treatments, but results may be seen after the first visit as the hair in the treated area begins to fall out. Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat several hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour. With every treatment session you’ll progressively see fewer and fewer hairs return. Finishing the entire series of treatments is crucial, as that ensures that you see the highest degree of permanent hair reduction and begin enjoying a smooth silky complexion that is hair free!


The treated area of your skin will look and feel like it’s sunburned a few days after. You may wear makeup the next day if your face was treated but only if it is no blistering. Wear sunscreen for the following month to help prevent temporary changes in the color of the treated skin.